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About us

Not for profit organization

Canadian Business Strategy Association (CBSA) is an independent not-for-profit leading professional accreditation body which is dedicated to uniting business strategists under a unified community, in order to facilitate the advancement of the business strategy profession.


The CSBA elevates and advances the business strategy profession by:

  • Delivering a definitive body of knowledge for general and industry specific applications.
  • Accrediting members who demonstrate world-class performance excellence in strategy delivery
  • Coach and mentor members to deliver on their Strategy profession


Our key measures of success are found in how well we elevate the strategy profession, how strongly we inspire, unite and facilitate the best minds to create the single authority on Strategy, and how tenaciously we manage the CBSP accreditations as a visible identifier of a professional at a world-class level of strategy excellence.


1 to 3 years, the CBSA will become:

  • A recognizable brand, synonymous with delivering a professional with the highest quality of expertise in strategy development and execution.
  • The association of choice for those wishing to gain or maintain a superior level of professional development.

3 to 5 years, the CBSA will become:

  • An international influencer on business strategy standards.
  • We become recognized as owners of the Business Strategy Body of Knowledge (SBOK).