Submission Guidelines to Canadian Business Strategist Magazine

  • Send original, unpublished work (we define "published" to include on-line appearance) in feature articles, research reports, essays and news reports. We do not accept simultaneous submissions.
  • As our primary readership would be business strategy practitioners and professionals our priority submissions are articles, cases, surveys and research applicable for practitioners and professionals in the field.
  • While the broad field of strategic management will include technical topics such as Environmental Scanning, SWOT Analysis, Balanced Scorecard etc. The Canadian Business Strategist is not intended to be an academic journal. Please write in a style that is accessible to managers, strategic planners and business people. The target readership of the magazine includes not only researchers and practitioners on strategic management but also business executives, professionals, small business owners and graduate students.
  • Please use the APA style of citation:
  • Please include equations, complex tables and graphs if any, with their explanations in a technical appendix.
  • Include a brief cover letter with a short bio and a publications list if applicable. Please provide also your complete contact information, including an email address.
  • Submissions must be typewritten using font size 12 in Times New Roman, double- spaced and submitted electronically as Word document.
  • We normally do not accept submissions of more than 10 typewritten pages. Accompanying photos can be submitted using jpeg.
  • We shall reply within 2 weeks upon receipt of your submission.
  • As a start- up magazine and as the official publication of a non- profit organization, Canadian Business Strategist Magazine will not provide monetary compensation for article submissions.
  • We accept submissions year round but for consideration in the next issue, the deadline for submission to the editor is normally one month before the release of the issue. Thus, June 1 is the deadline for the July – September issue which will be released during the last week of June to 1st week of July. Unless the article loses its timeliness or relevance, submissions received by the editor after the deadline shall be automatically considered for future issues (so we build up an inventory of articles)

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