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What can a CBSA membership do for you?

Being a member of the Canadian Business Strategy Association will provide you with comprehensive information and knowledge on Business Strategy. The resources, tools and connections that you will find here can guide you to enhance your strategic thinking, planning and decisions.

Membership Categories

GENERAL MEMBERS This membership is open to those who are keenly interested in organizational and business strategy and would like to further advance their knowledge and skills.

STUDENT MEMBERS (ASSOCIATE STRATEGIST) Applicants for student membership must have enrolled in a full-time business studies related degree or diploma in a recognized university or college.

ACCREDITED MEMBERS Accredited members are those who have met the CBSA’s requirements to use the following professional designations:

  • Chartered Business Strategist (CBS)
  • Executive Chartered Business Strategist (Executive CBS)
  • Chartered Business Strategy Facilitator (CBSF)
  • Chartered Business Strategy Educator (CBSE)


  1. Recognition as an “Authorised Member of Canadian Business Strategy Association".
    Welcome letter and pocket sized Membership Identification card will be issued
  2. Inclusion of your profile on the CBSA website for public accessibility.
    Member names will be published on the CBSA website
  3. Complimentary subscription to the “CBSA Member Newsletter”.
    Quarterly/Monthly Newsletter
  4. Discounted rates on events and educational programs.
    Regular networking events will commence this year. Educational programs are planned and dates will be announced soon
  5. Exclusive access to discussion groups and member network.
    Member login will be available from the membership launch date with features such as member profile, browsing, email, blogs, etc.
  6. Gain competitive edge through membership recognition.
    CBSA is a premier professional association that offers high quality accreditation for strategists this will provide a distinct competitive edge to its members
  7. Opportunities to network with leading business strategy professionals.
    Participate in the membership Community forum, annual conference and regular networking events.
  8. Accessibility to business strategy professional resources.
    List of resources will be available within the members’ secured area
  9. Access to information on upcoming events.
    Upcoming events information will be published in the “CBSA Member Newsletter”
  10. Opportunities for personal development through educational and training programs.
    Professional development training programs
  11. Volunteer with the association
    Opportunities are available now.