Business Strategy

Building better businesses

A. Analysis of competitive situation

  1. Introduction to business strategy
    1. Background and basic characteristic of strategy
    2. An overview of strategic planning
    3. Mission and vision
    4. Stakeholders

  2. Scanning the environment
    1. Scanning the general environment-PEST framework etc
    2. Industry analysis
    3. Competitor analysis
    4. Predicting the environment on the bases of prospective and perspective techniques

  3. The internal scanning
    1. Sources of value, advantages, competencies
    2. Value chain analysis
  4. Strategy formulation/formation
    1. Business level strategies
    2. Customers and business level
    3. Types of business level strategy
  5. Corporate level strategy
    1. Diversification
    2. Merger and acquisition
    3. Alliances
  6. International strategy
    1. International opportunity
    2. Entry modes
    3. Risks of international business
  7. Overall formation
    1. remix the perfect recipe and how to compatibilize external and internal scanning
    2. Understanding strategic risk and how to manage it effectively (sustainability and the triple bottom - line, modelization and the limits of modelization, the limits of effective strategies).
  8. Strategic Implementation
    1. Putting all the pieces together, documentation and implementation of effective strategies
    2. Strategic control systems, the objectives of controlling strategy development and implementation
    3. Operational strategies
    4. Structure
    5. Leadership
  9. Other strategic issues
    1. Legal and Ethical consideration
    2. strategic issues in entrepreneurial venture
    3. SMEs
    4. ethnic businesses